Pay Stub Posts

We have hired 2 accountants as advisors to create the Best Pays stubs online.   We are very serious about providing the best pay stub product and best service.   Believe it or not, there is a lot to pay stubs if you want them to be world class pay stubs.   The devil is in the details of Deductions, Taxes, Witholdings, Medicare, exceptions... yadda yadda.. which is why we created pay stub posts.  Well, in all honesty there is more to it.. but you get the idea.

These guys are teaching us web guys things we never wanted to know about pay stubs.   So, instead of talking to a bunch of geeks, we've told them to write about it in a blog, and call it Pay Stub Posts.    If you are interested in learning more about paystubs... or.. in the future, on how to make a pay stub, this is where you'll find the info.   Pay stubs are a key in our world to help you get what you need..

Typical customers that need Paystubs are self starters, independant business people, or, even users who have businesses, know how much they pay their employees, and know what the paystub should have.... but, they don't want the hassle of going through their full accounting software.   Our pay stubs can be installed, viewed, downloaded and printed in the time it takes the other guys to turn the software on and get an employees details out.

We look forward to chatting your experiences on here, and having your thoughts and feedback about pay stubs..   See you soon.