Pay Slip to book a Vacation

Nowadays,  to book a flight, all you need to do is get online, submit locations and dates, and you'll get the best prices available from participating airlines.    But,  a little known fact,  that is not the best way to book full vacations.    The best way is to use a travel agent.   Those relics of the past.    They know a lot of in's and outs of available deals, promotions, and combo's that will give you the best vacation ever.    But, you have to show proof of income, or have the ability to pay,  which makes me think, it's probably a good thing to have a pay stub to book a vacation.

For example.   a vacation to Florida is simple.   but, a vacation to Bali is much more complicated,  but, surprisingly not much more expensive.     Yes, the flights are way more expensive,  but, the hotels are way cheaper, and way nicer.    Plus the food and nightlife is better.

Staying in the nicest hotel on the beach, is about $100 for an upgraded ocean view, meals are about $15 US, and alcohol is 1/3 the price, depending on your poison.   So, it made sense for me to go to Bali, but,  I needed a VISA,  and a Passport,   which required me to show proof of income or a job.     Since my source of income doesn't have a paystub,  I needed to show one if I wanted to travel.    So, I learned I need a Pay Stub to book a vacation.