Payslip generator for small businesses

payslip generator

Calculating payslips is never fun to do for business owners. Between all the state and federal taxes you need to pay - both for your employee and your business- there’s a lot of room for mistakes. It is a critical task  and any error can result to costly penalties.

But it is not only an issue of miscalculations. Underpaid tax can equate to fines, late payment penalties and interest. Using incorrect rates, sending forms to the wrong agency, or simply filling out forms incorrectly.

This is why we recommend small businesses to use online payslip generators like Our free payslip calculator makes it easy to calculate payslips for both hourly and salary employees. And it’s a lot cheaper than hiring an outside payroll company or accountant.

All you need to do is enter your employee’s pay information and we automatically calculate taxes, fills out forms and sends you a pdf copy of the payslip. We crunch the numbers to give you a rundown of exactly how much to pay your employees and how much to deduct for taxes. We make sure that your calculations are accurate by always using the most up-to-date tax table.

With , you can ditch the complicated calculations and spend more time working on your business.

Pay Slip to book a Vacation

Nowadays,  to book a flight, all you need to do is get online, submit locations and dates, and you'll get the best prices available from participating airlines.    But,  a little known fact,  that is not the best way to book full vacations.    The best way is to use a travel agent.   Those relics of the past.    They know a lot of in's and outs of available deals, promotions, and combo's that will give you the best vacation ever.    But, you have to show proof of income, or have the ability to pay,  which makes me think, it's probably a good thing to have a pay stub to book a vacation.

For example.   a vacation to Florida is simple.   but, a vacation to Bali is much more complicated,  but, surprisingly not much more expensive.     Yes, the flights are way more expensive,  but, the hotels are way cheaper, and way nicer.    Plus the food and nightlife is better.

Staying in the nicest hotel on the beach, is about $100 for an upgraded ocean view, meals are about $15 US, and alcohol is 1/3 the price, depending on your poison.   So, it made sense for me to go to Bali, but,  I needed a VISA,  and a Passport,   which required me to show proof of income or a job.     Since my source of income doesn't have a paystub,  I needed to show one if I wanted to travel.    So, I learned I need a Pay Stub to book a vacation.



Why Create your own paystubs

Pay Stub Security

Our website and your pay stubs just got a bit more, with our SSL certificate.   You may or may have heard of this.   An SSL certificate is just one more layer of security you should always look for when you make a purchase online.    Pay stub security is always important, but, when you spend your hard earned dollars, it's even more important.

No matter how much or how little you spend, it's to protect the rest of your funds on your card.   Yes, I know that most banks will protect you, but, there is always a minimum payment, and the hassle of dealing with it.  Plus, the criminals know a lot about you when they steal your CC, so, it could be a lot worse.   You may have to go through the whole process of changing bank numbers, payments and passwords.

If you know what a SSL certificate, great, you understand what it takes to get one, and why it's good for the consumer.

If you DON'T know  what an SSL certificate is..    It stands for Secure Sockets Layer.     This is basically another layer of security on your data, when it's transferred over the internet.

The difference between having an SSL cert, and not, is that there is a 3rd party, that provides that SSL certificate.   So, there is another company, that itself has to be certified to allow the option to sell SSL certificates, to give this website an SSL cert.    They create the encryption, and make everyting secure.     The website owner, does not get to see how it's certified, and the issuer of the SSL cert doesn't get to see the data

Add a logo to your paystub

As mentioned before,  we have upgraded our site to be able to add a logo to your paystub.   This new feature allows your authentic paystub to be even more customized and perfect.   If you want to watch a video of How to do it,  just click here

It's actually quite simple, but, the first time using it, might be a little confusing, so, we created the following step by step instruction to make sure you do it quick and easy.   Please NOTE:  at this time, it only works on the Detailed Paystub, simply because there is no room on the easy one.   It's a short, small paystub, designed to be simple, so, we didn't add it.


1)  Click  on the top menu MAKE A PAYSTUB and then the link to Create a DETAILED PAYSTUB



2)  Fill in your information as needed, by clicking on the box you want to edit


3)  Click on the green ADD LOGO HERE link..   it should be live if you mouse over it.


Make a paystub for Caretaker

pastubs caretaker nanny

Caretakers need paystubs

Make a paystub for caretaker

We have been asked many times why someone would need to create a paystub.   We already know why you need a paystub,  like getting a loan for a car, or needing a paystub to get an apartment.  Basically, any time you need to prove income or employment, you will need a paystub.    No people work harder for their money are nannies and caretakers.   They are truly unsung hero's.   So, if you are a nanny or caretaker, or if you want to make a paystub for caretaker, you are in the right place.   We want to help those that help others.

Our Caretakers

Assisted caretakers all have to pay taxes, like all income earners, so our paystub maker figures it all out for you.   Any other deductions, or other items, our paystubs will help you create it.    Our paystubs are not fake,  they are real Authentic pay stubs.  The calculations are perfect, the paystub layout is perfect, and the deductions are accurate and currently updated for the year and the State taxes.

Paystubs for Nannies and Caretakers

Also, our paystubs are can easily be made consecutive, which means that all the paystub calculations are made one after another, from pay period to payperiod.   Which sounds easy, but, it get's complicated, for YTD calculations, taxes on the cumulative amount, and spread out over that time.    Just try to use excel once, to see how difficult it is.   It's very complex.    But, with our easy paystub maker, you can do it within a few minutes.   Print them and have them, for less that a few dollars a piece if you buy more than one.

We can show you how to make a paystub for caretaker in our how to guide, and our videos,  or, you can play with our paystub maker for free, and view FREE PREVIEWS until you heart is content.    Practice makes perfect, and if we want our caretakers to be perfect, we want to make a paystub for caretakers to be perfect.

Also, if you want to confirm tax values, to make sure we are doing our job,  and we love when you verify us..  to show that we are professionals, please try this link to see tax rate for each state.




Pay Stub Posts

We have hired 2 accountants as advisors to create the Best Pays stubs online.   We are very serious about providing the best pay stub product and best service.   Believe it or not, there is a lot to pay stubs if you want them to be world class pay stubs.   The devil is in the details of Deductions, Taxes, Witholdings, Medicare, exceptions... yadda yadda.. which is why we created pay stub posts.  Well, in all honesty there is more to it.. but you get the idea.

These guys are teaching us web guys things we never wanted to know about pay stubs.   So, instead of talking to a bunch of geeks, we've told them to write about it in a blog, and call it Pay Stub Posts.    If you are interested in learning more about paystubs... or.. in the future, on how to make a pay stub, this is where you'll find the info.   Pay stubs are a key in our world to help you get what you need..

Typical customers that need Paystubs are self starters, independant business people, or, even users who have businesses, know how much they pay their employees, and know what the paystub should have.... but, they don't want the hassle of going through their full accounting software.   Our pay stubs can be installed, viewed, downloaded and printed in the time it takes the other guys to turn the software on and get an employees details out.

We look forward to chatting your experiences on here, and having your thoughts and feedback about pay stubs..   See you soon.