No,  There is not "tricks"   or  "Pay-ware"   or whatever some of these jokers are calling it. I hate those games as much as you do.  On our site, you get to preview the Pay Stub,  change it, edit it, work with it,  even print it. Then, when you love your pay stub, you Buy It. You will get the exact same thing, but no Watermark. We'd love to give you FREE Paystubs,  but, we have to pay for servers, programmers, and my testosterone pills.   😉

This will be a case by case situation.  If you want to change the name fully, and address and major details, we will consider that a new pay stub. If you made a spelling mistake, then yes,  send it to us, and we will review, and create it for you as per your request.

This video will show How to Add a Logo to a Paystub.

This video describes how to make a paystub on our website.  It shows the basics, and some common issues to watch out for.  It also mentions some complicated things, when it comes to dates, and year transitions.

Biggest issue we see for Paystub Making is the time spent on the job, and dates.  Always remember:

  1.  If you were hired in years past, all that income back then doesn't matter for this year.   The YTD is YEAR to Date.  so,  this year, all that matters is this years earnings
  2. If you want to show last years earnings,  set the Paystub Maker so that it shows your paydate on Dec. 28, Of the year prior, and then change the YTD setting backward, to show how the stubs for that year.
  1. LOGIN to your account
  2. Click MYPAYSLIP
  3. Click REDEEM CREDITS then you will see GET PDF
  4. Select GET PDF to finally get the SLIP without Watermarks and the slip will directly send to your email to download.

We have videos and instructions on our site. Please click on the link to view what you need. Like how to make Consecutive pay stubs, or how to add a logo to your paystub.

Yes, if you need help, just send us an email, and one of us or the programmers will assist. It's pretty straightforward, and we don't want you to buy a pay stub until you have created the Free paystub first, that you like. Then buying is easy

We have no problems with refunds. We do everything possible to make you happy with our product before you buy it.  Live preview, instant download,  dynamic population, and calculation of the pay stub fields. So that you know and see exactly what you're getting. Due to the nature of this product, since it's digital, and there's nothing to return,  and the purchaser keeps the product, no matter what.  With unlimited copies, we've had people use the service, get what they need, and then request a refund. So, as a result, we stopped that and made sure you had the best possible results before you buy.  Please enjoy our pay stubs

Unfortunately, you can’t. Once you have exited the current page you are editing your pay stub in and the only way to review the document is through your stub list, you can no longer make changes and would have to make a completely new document and refill the information if there are errors.

What you can do in order to be sure is to go to a new tab without exiting the page wherein you are editing the form, and in the new tab, you open your stub list and check the saved file there for errors. If there are any, you may go back to the other tab where the form is still open and make the edits there.

The most practical decision would be to make an account. It is also free to do so.

If you do not have an account and yet purchased a stub, it’s very likely to get stuck under pending because of security measures in the system we use. In this case, you can only get your stub once someone authorizes your purchase, and it may take a while as opposed to the self-service setup wherein you do everything on your end and instantly redeem your document which our site is designated to have.

You will also be unable to edit your stubs or have a stub list that allows you to keep better track of your documents.

No. We are a digital company, and your purchases will also come digitally. However, our stubs can be printed without watermarks on your end once you purchase them.

Paystub FAQ didn't solve your problem?

Watch the Videos to see how it's done

Make a Stub

Try out our Free Pay Stub Preview maker.    Change, edit, play, print, all free Previews

What can we help you with?

God will help those, who help themselves.   Nothing is more true in this world

We have been working on this site a very long time.   And before that, we've made other products to help people out.    Like Pay Stubs and Lost Receipts and Insurance Cards.

Why are we so awesome?

We have wondered the same thing.   Maybe ask our mom's.   Or the public school system.   Either way,  we bring you awesome Pay stubs, Lost Receipts and Insurance cards.   You can preview them before you buy, and play with it for Free.   Happy Customers, Happy website

What if I get caught with a fake paystub?

Caught with what?   This is a self made paystub for work that you performed.    We don't condone fake pay stubs.   We are assuming you have performed a job, in which you were paid by the customer in cash, or you don't have an expensive and complex software that creates pay stubs.

We have countless self employed or 2-3 person shops use our service.   Not to mention Entertainers, Artists, Entreprenures, etc.    They are getting paid,  the money is in the bank,  they just don't have the pay stubs.   That's what we do.

Are they authentic paystubs?

Referring back to the other question.   These are pay stubs.   They are made by and calculated using professional software.    That has been tested for years.

Most accurate and Authentic stubs online is not a moto, it's the truth

Try and see for yourself, compare them to others.   There are some typical formats, but, there are no standard one only paystubs.    The calculations have to match, and some key info has to be other.   We provide all of that.